• Charles Martinez

Clashing Bison Commission

This past summer I had the opportunity to have one of my photos/graphic designs printed on a traffic box as part of a project which was commissioned by the City of Thornton.

Here you can see the final printed wrap and as I always say, there is nothing better than seeing artwork actually printed out rather than simply seeing it on a screen. This came out amazing and it feels great as an artist to see your work out in public for everyone to see. If you would like to see this piece in person, you can visit it at the intersection of HW-7 & York St. in Thornton. If you would like to have a print of this artwork for yourself, you can purchase it here.

Now for a bit about how this piece came to be. First off, this is what you would call a mixed-media art work because the final result that you see is comprised of a photo as well as some graphic design or illustration work. I snapped the photo of these "Clashing Bison" at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge which was an amazing sight to see as they battled in their natural element. If you have not visited this location, I would highly encourage it (It's Free as well). I then decided to do some extra work to the photo in Adobe Illustrator and I arrived at the image you see now. I wanted to create a more "artistic" look for the photo by making it look as if it was a painting or illustration and I think the outcome was successful! You can see the full artwork below and don't forget to visit my store and order a print of your own!

This is definitely one of my favorite works that I have created so far and I hope you all enjoy viewing it as well! Thank you all for your support and remember to contact me for your next photography or graphic design needs!