• Charles Martinez

Colorado Photoshoot Location Guide

Thank you for considering Cmart Visuals for your next photography session! If you are unsure about the location for your session, you can use this location guide to find some beautiful spots near the Denver area.

Eastlake nature preserve (Thornton, CO)

Eastlake Nature Preserve is a beautiful area that is perfect for almost any kind of session. The spot is complete with trees, bridges, open fields, a lake and flowers if we go during the right time of year. The great thing is that this spot works in the fall, winter, spring & summer! This is one place I highly recommend!

Bonus: You can currently book this location for a discounted price as well!


McKay Lake (Broomfield, CO)

McKay Lake is another wonderful spot that is similar to Eastlake. It offers a lot of trees, a lake, a pier and even a small farm nearby. We can't actually go into the farm as it is private property, but you can certainly take photos along the fence where a couple of donkeys may come say hi to us!


Flatiron Vista Trailhead (Boulder, CO)

Flatiron Vista Trailhead is a very simple but beautiful location if you are looking for the open field vibe. It is near the flatirons which offers a beautiful backdrop for any time of the year!


Prospect Park (Wheat ridge, CO)

Prospect Park is a beautiful hidden spot in Wheat Ridge. Complete with plenty of trees, grass and a river running through the middle. If we are lucky, you can snap some pics on the rocks right in the middle of the river during certain times of the year!


Grasso Park (Superior, CO)

Grasso Park is a small but very cool park that includes various rustic looking structures if that is what you are looking for. This is another spot that can be utilized at any time of the year.


RiNo Art District (Denver, CO)

The RiNo District isn't exactly a secret for Colorado natives, but this is a location always worth looking at. The colorful murals from the amazing artists can provide numerous backdrops for you if you aren't feeling the nature vibes.


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