• Charles Martinez

First Magazine Publication!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Portrait of a young woman wearing a hat.
Model: Victoria

Two of my photos from a session over the summer were recently picked to be published in Dreamy Magazines Issue 381! The photos are from a session that was done over the summer with Victoria.

This may not be a huge publication, but it is very encouraging to know that your work is appreciated by others within the creative industry. It shows that the time, effort and money put into my craft is well worth it and can lead to some great opportunities in the future.

The two photos that were picked to be featured in their latest issue are definitely a couple of my favorite shots from the year so far. These photos were taken midday with the Nikon D850 using the Godox AD200 strobe. Since implementing flash into my photos, I can see a huge difference in the quality that it brings to my photos.

The lifestyle/glamour shoots are always so much fun because it allows myself and the model to really experiment with different poses and styles to capture something unique. Whether you're a model looking

to get published or just someone who wants some cool photos for social media, click here to book your portrait session today and we can get you some amazing photos as well!

Thank you for checking out my work and for your support! If you are in need of photography or logo design services, please contact me so we can get you booked!