• Charles Martinez

My Top 10 Photos of 2021

As we come to the end of 2021, let's take a look back at some of my personal favorite photos from the year. It was another hard year for a lot of people as we continue to go through this pandemic but I am thankful for the clients that I worked with and I hope you all enjoyed seeing my work from this year.

It's tough to pick just 10, but these 10 stood out to me for different reasons.

So, let's get to the Top 10 for 2021! (Note that these are in no particular order)


portrait of a young woman wearing a hat

This photo has to be at the top of my list all time for portraits I have taken and not just because it was published in a magazine. I really like this photo because of the details that I was able to capture. It may not matter much to others, but as a photographer, I am amazed at how sharp and clear this image is.


landscape of a colorful sunset in Colorado

This year I didn't get out much to explore and take landscape photos, but this is a shot that I am very proud of. Sunrise/sunset shots are my absolute favorite because of all the colors that appear in the sky and this sunrise looks amazing! Colorado sure is beautiful and I hope to travel more in 2022 to capture more stunning shots like this one.


portrait of a young man

This is one of my favorite senior portraits I have taken because of the story behind the photo. This shot is great because the clients for this senior session were able to make a personal connection to the mural in the background, which makes this photo so meaningful. After taking this shot, a story on the news came across about the artists behind it (View Story Here). It turns out this mural was finished just days before this shot was taken and I am glad we were able to utilize their amazing work in our session! You can check out the artists here: (Chloe Duplessis) & (Valerie Rose)


two young women celebrating graduation

This was a really fun shot and is probably one of my top graduation shots of all time because I was simply able to capture a moment between two best friends. There was no telling how it would go once they popped the champagne but I think it worked out and we got some great shots out of it, specifically this shot.


portrait of a young girl and her baby sister

This photo between a girl and her newborn sister just looks stunning! The cloud cover and the way she is looking at her sister creates such a powerful and dramatic scene. This is a shot that I would definitely want printed for my studio one day! (Hopefully Soon).


portrait of a young man and his dog

I am a big dog person and when this senior showed up with his dog, I was so excited because I knew we were going to capture some unique photos that will be very meaningful to this young man for a lifetime. His dog did such a good job posing for photos and they both look so happy in this shot.


portrait of a young woman

The thing I enjoy about this shot is not necessarily my work as the photographer, but how she posed and the outfit she wore. I especially like the detail we can see in her earring as well. Overall this was another detailed and sharp portrait from a session I enjoyed.


portrait of a young woman for graduation

This shot is from a session for a college graduate and we also captured some professional headshots for her as well. Remember, graduation sessions aren't just for high school seniors, they can be for any major academic accomplishment in your life. (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, etc.)


portrait of a young woman

This was an awesome session because of the amazing location and this senior did a great job with her posing and her outfit as well. It is always fun to see everyone bring their own creativity and style to the session.


parents holding newborn feet

This is one of the more unique shots I have taken and I think it looks so cool! We found the idea on Pinterest, and I honestly wasn't sure how it would look, but I think we were successful in capturing this for the family.

Thank you to all my clients for an amazing year and I hope we can work together again in 2022! Contact me at charles@cmartvisuals.com and lets get your next portrait session booked today!